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Molly Greenberg

     I am an artist and seamstress from New Orleans, Louisiana. I began sewing when I was very young and I have my mother and grandmother, Oma, to thank for that. Upon many years of altering my clothing, I decided to study fashion in college. I got my bachelors degree in Apparel Design in 2018 and have found happiness in designing and sewing one of a kind pieces to share with the world ever since. 

     Molly Rae Handmade was founded in 2022. It is a slow fashion clothing brand that focuses on comfort and style so everyone can feel peace and ease while getting ready in the morning. Roll outta bed, put on your favorite bb doll, and you're ready to go!



- 12/3 The Station Coffee Shop 8-12
- 12/7 Greenway Supernova 5-9

- 12/9 AMNO Holiday Market @ City Park 10-4

- 12/13 Bayou Gardens Holiday Market 5-9

- 12/15 7th Ward Winter Holiday Market @ NOLA Nature School 12-4

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